Unburdening from A to Z

With fulfillment you outsource the complete processing of your orders. We receive for the goods and place them in our warehouse. We pick and pack orders. Do you get products back? Then we also handle these for you. This gives you more time to grow your business.

Weft and storage

Based on your wishes, we inspect the incoming goods and check whether the correct numbers have been delivered. Your new stock is then stored in our secured and certified warehouse. Through our fulfillment system and web portal, you can monitor your stock status in real time. If you work with back orders, these are also automatically processed in our system.


Your customers’ orders come in through our fulfillment system, which can be linked to a wide range of (webshop) systems. Our software then checks the most important data (such as the delivery address) after which it forwards the order to the warehouse. Our employees then collect the products from the warehouse and pack them with ecologically responsible packaging material. It is also possible to use personalized packaging material per order. When the entire order is complete, we provide it with a shipping label and add it to the next shipment.


The orders are packed with the greatest care by our employees. We use environmentally friendly produced or recycled packaging and filling material. Through our fulfillment system we keep the recipient, your customer, informed in real time with (personalized) Track & Trace notifications. Based on your wishes, we can also add personalized items to a shipment, such as information material and samples.


According to consumer law, orders may be returned within fourteen days. We also take care of this for you. You can opt for a return label, or the customer sends the products back to our receiving locations at their own expense. Based on your return conditions, we inspect the products and register them in our fulfillment system. We offer various options for the further processing of your return products.


Our storage locations comply with the ISO XXXXX standard. This means that on location etc. etc. etc.

Benefits of Eazyfulfill

Locations near major airports and seaports in the Netherlands.

Integrations with major ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Fast delivery (one to three days) within the European Union

Hassle-free return handling to increase customer satisfaction

High-quality security system that prevents damage and theft of your products

Competitive rates with postal and parcel services, including PostNL, DHL and FedEx.

Our services and warehouse solutions provide a major leap forward in your e-commerce business processes, which ultimately increases the margin on sales orders.

Our added value

  • Weft

    Upon arrival, we check whether the products meet your requirements and whether the correct quantities have been delivered. The products are then transferred to our warehouse.

  • Order Processing

    Orders come in through our centralized fulfillment system. This is the starting point from which to collect, pack and ship orders as quickly as possible.

  • Dispatch

    We offer competitive prices for various international postal and parcel services. After receiving an order, we ensure that it arrives at the service provider as soon as possible, so that it arrives at your customer on time.

  • Returns Processing

    We make handling returns worry-free for you. Both you and your customer can follow the status in real time via our web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cut off time at Eazyfulfillis 23:59, all orders before this time are shipped the same day at the agreed shipping method.

Eazyfulfill  has a standard link with:

-Magento 1

– Magento 2




-Light speed

-CCV Shop

In addition, our stock system uses an open API, which means that there are options for creating custom solutions.

Eazyfulfill strives to provide its customers with a suitable quote within 48 hours. The quotation remains valid for 7 days for acceptance.

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